About Me

Cody P. Christian was born in Charleston, South Carolina. However, he grew up in Central Florida. At a very young age, he exhibited a passion for technology, and became engulfed in how technology worked, what made it function, and how to build his own devices.

At the age of 16, Cody launched his first business in web design and media. Not long after, Cody branched out and added visual effects and motion graphics to his vast skillset, as well as his business. Utilizing his skills as a photographer, filmmaker, and designer, his business has flourished, satisfying the expectations of clients across the world. You could say, Cody is proud to be a geek!

Over the years, Cody has worked for various companies. From the bottom to the top, with roles such as Sr Software Engineer, DevOps, Director of System Engineering, CTO, Co-Founder, Videographer, among others. One common theme among these roles has been leadership, and a strange tie in to media. From custom media software, to streaming services, OTP/OVP platforms, among others.

Cody P Christian