I will get this page updated with more of my work. There is a lot of work I have done that I can not post, is not longer active, or its content that is not available online.

You can see some of my older video content on Vimeo and Youtube and also some work on Instagram.

A Few Recent Clients

Watch DCTV

DangerCats came to us with the idea for a new project and we helped them launch their very own Netflix style TV Network. Available on all major platforms.watchdctv.com

Royal Amor

Royal Amor is a unique online boutique / clothing store. Offering a variety of styles to suit your needs. Check them out at royalamor.com

Lets Party

Lets Party is a new app that is in development currently.

Limelight Dresses

Limelight is an online & retail store for women’s clothing. Check them out at limelightdresses.com


Masonite isn’t exactly a client as I am employed by them as well, however I do work on a lot of very interesting projects with them, some of which are open-source. masonite.com

Partner Clients

Here is a handful of sites that we built in combination with our partner TBA Marketing

Previous Clients

Meet some of our past clients, some of the most well known companies.