Cody P. Christian was born in Charleston, South Carolina. At a very young age, he exhibited a passion for technology. Most adolescents his age were preoccupied with toys, but not Cody; in fact, Cody refused to squander his prodigious talents on mere toys, instead he was engulfed in how technology worked, what made it function.

At the budding age of 16, Cody launched his first business in video editing. Not long after, Cody then branched out and added visual effects and motion graphics to his vast skillset, as well as his business. If that weren’t enough, Cody went on to expand his business to include aesthetically engaging web developments and programming. Utilizing his skills as a photographer, filmmaker, and designer, his business has flourished, satisfying the expectations of clients across the world. You could say Cody is proud to be a geek, even before geek was chic.